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From the creators of the multi-award winning guerilla-folk 13-piece balkan-party-punk Lemon Bucket Orchestra, Balaklava Blues falls somewhere between ukrenian traditional sing cycle and a full blown multimedia techno show. Mark and Marichka Marczyk met and fell in love during the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine. Their experiences of war coupled with their unique knowledge of the polyphonic blues of the Ukrainian plains exploded into an ethno-bass live set in which the duo sing live to original EDM, trap, trance and electro-pop influenced tracks. The astounding vocals are accompanied by equally compelling documentary footage from the front lines of the war, black and white archival material from the same region, and popular soviet cartoons.

Their album Let me out was released in October 2022.

“One of the most innovative and emotionally powerful projects on the European music scene"

4 étoiles, Songlines


Maude St-Amand

Saraë Nault-Beausoleil

Gina Brault

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