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Gina Brault

Maude St-Amand

Julie Richard


Les Mains Tendres is a love story told through music, made up of life experiences and travels. Composed of four passionate and talented artists – Zeneli Codel (violin and vocals), Laurence Sabourin (accordion and vocals), Blanche Baillargeon (upright bass and vocals), Regina Reichherzer (voice, percussions) – Les Mains Tendres offers a wide repertoire of original compositions and traditional music from Central and Eastern Europe. Les Mains Tendres invites the public on a voyage rich in emotions. It’s an eclectic show, intended for a wide audience, with melodies and songs from near and far, in French, Occitan, Italian, Bosnian and Macedonian.

Les Mains Tendres was created in 2015 by Zeneli Codel and Laurence Sabourin. Since then, they have had over 40 performances in France, Colombia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Quebec. Blanche Baillargeon joined the group in 2017, and Regina in 2021, complementing it perfectly. Their new album, Brise Glace, was released in June 2021.

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