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Born in Argentina, having lived in Brazil and France before settling in Quebec, Tomas Jensen is an artist with eclectic influences. He has released 11 records, including 4 with "les faux-monnayeurs". His entry into L-A be in 2010 marks the beginning of a fruitful collaboration: 4 records (including two nominated for ADISQ), a film and many shows follow. After Hombre (2010), Face à Face B (tribute to Caetano Veloso) (2012) and Plus personne (2013), Tomas Jensen returns to Argentina in 2015, for the first time in 20 years, to record Retour. Documentary filmmaker Martin Bourgault accompanies him and makes a film that will be screened at FIFA and other documentary festivals around the world.


2020 will mark the release of Les rêves sont faits, his first album for which he is the arranger and producer and which bears the mark of his cultural diversity and artistic freedom.



Gina Brault

Maude St-Amand

Julie Richard

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