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Impresaria is an artistic management and booking agency specializing in folk-pop and world music. Addressing a clientele of artists, both original and accessible, its approach is highly personalized to ensure optimum development of the musician’s career according to their specific styles to reach national and international levels. Impresaria was established in 2004 by Gina Brault. After working as an independent agent and manager for a few years, Maude joined Impresaria in 2019 as booking agent, artist manager and communication coordinator. Julie joined the team in 2021, as booking agent.

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Gina Brault has been involved in the cultural music scene for more than twenty years, particularly in the development of artistic careers of national and international renown, as well as in booking, show production, programming, and for many years in the world of radio.

She started in the music industry in 1994 as a programmer for Quand l'inspecteur s'en mêle hosted by Philippe Lague and Bruno Blanchet, a radio show broadcast live from the artistic tavern L'Inspecteur Épingle on CIBL Radio Montreal. More than 220 shows with a guest artist performing every day. This is how she met the singer Lhasa de Sela and the guitarist, singer Yves Desrosiers, with whom she began her career as artist manager in 1995, two years before the release of the mythical album La Llorona in 1997. This collaboration with the late Lhasa de Sela lasted over fourteen years. She was also a tour agent for Impresarii Plus and coordinated and booked shows for Richard Desjardins and Abbittibbi, Les Frères à Ch'val and Steve Faulkner.

In 2004, Gina Brault started Impresaria, an artistic management agency, and contributed to the development of the careers of Pierre Flynn, Mara Temblay, Bïa, Lhasa de Sela, Yves Desrosiers, Jeszcze Raz, Fredric Gary Comeau, Geneviève Toupin, Garoche ta sacoche and Samuele. 

She also works as booking agent for other artists such as D'Harmo, Juan Sebastian Larobina, Alexandra Stréliski, Pascal Lejeune, Bratsch (France), La Licorne Captive with Laurent Guardo and Daniel Lavoie, Dear Denizen, Miss Sassoeur & les Sassys, Les mains tendres and James Forest.

In parallel with these activities, Gina Brault also worked on programming shows for different venues, such as Les Bobards and L'Inspecteur Épingle in Montreal, and the Microbrasserie Le Baril Roulant in Val-David.  She started, in 2017 with a team of three people, the Big Bang Fest music festival in Val-David, which happens every year on the second week-end of August.


Maude is an artist manager, booking agent and project coordinator based in Montreal. She is currently working as manager for Ramon Chicharron, as a project manager and booking agent with Impresaria and as the pro experience coordinator at Mundial Montreal. Her approach with the artists she represents is highly personalized to ensure optimum development of the artist’s career to reach national and international levels. In an industry where there is often too much homogeneity, she values diversity, bridges between cultures and artistic approaches that go off the beaten track.


Musician, composer and committed cultural worker, Julie Richard has been actively involved in Montreal's artistic and musical scenes for nearly 20 years. A three-time graduate in classical music, she is also versed in vocal performance, jazz, pop, experimental music as well as African, Gypsy, Jewish and Creole music.

Having toured extensively throughout Canada and the United States, she has participated in the SXSW festival and performed internationally in Eastern Europe, France and Colombia. In addition to her musical practice, Julie's interdisciplinary path has led her to work in the fields of arts management, intervention psychology, and cultural research and animation. She is also known for her involvement in the programming of the Lux Magna festival and the Suoni per il Popolo festival.



Management and representation of artists.


Touring strategy and booking services.

Show production

Marketing of a show from the beginning of creation to the touring stage.


Programming services for shows (festivals, venues, bar shows, special events).


Management and personalized consultations, specialized in the artistic and cultural field. Management and marketing strategy. Contract negotiation on demand.

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