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François Duval was conceived in Sept-Îles in early '72. He was born in the evening, on December 11th of the same year, in Trois-Rivières. Sunny Duval, for his part, was born somewhere in 1993, in a Montreal alley. First bands, first recordings, eventual and inevitable move to Montreal, Sunny discovers his new city and his new life through the famous local scene, filling his beloved venues and bars with notes and screams. In addition to all the instruments he discovered and learned, Sunny jumped right into the recording adventure, which he particularly liked. In parallel, first solo albums and tours with the famous Breastfeeders, which he left after twelve years of ups and downs. 


Six solo albums and thousands of miles of freedom later, Sunny continues his way and he is back singing the songs of his sixth and most recent album "Make My Lost Soul Sing". At least two hours of high energy rock'n'roll with hints of funk music, dancehall music, punk rock. Featuring his longtime musical buddies Marie-Anne Arsenault (vocals, bass, synth bass) and Jonathan Lafrance (vocals, drums, electronic drums).



Gina Brault

Maude St-Amand

Saraë Nault-Beausoleil

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