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Gina Brault

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Gina Brault



Nearly eight years after the release of the album Bordel de Tête, Yves Desrosiers is back with this new album project and instrumental show, Nokta ŝoforo.

With his multiple guitars, Yves Desrosiers is surrounded on stage by talented musicians: Guillaume Bourque on lap steel and electric guitar, Mario Légaré on bass and double bass, Rachel Therrien on brass, trumpet, flugelhorn, Julie Houle on tuba and Victor Tremblay-Desrosiers on drums and keyboard.

The Nokta ŝoforo show is an incursion into a melodic and ambient musical universe where the spectator is transported into an imaginary journey of a night driver travelling through territories and crossing borders in the contemplative nocturnal solitude. With a direct destination, or with a stop at the truck stop, it's up to you.


Yves Desrosiers is a creator who has contributed to the effervescence of the Quebec music scene for some thirty years, notably as a singer, guitarist, composer, arranger and producer. As a member of Jean Leloup's La Salle Affaire (1989-93), he collaborated in the composition of several tracks on the landmark album "L'Amour est sans pitié" and participated in the albums and tours of numerous artists, including Bïa, Daniel Bélanger, Gogh Van Go, Sarah McLaughlin, Mononc'Serge and Mara Tremblay.

In 1993, he discovers a young American-Mexican singer passing through Montreal with a unique voice... Lhasa de Sela. Released in 1997, their mythical album "La Llorona" sold half a million copies, received numerous awards and propelled the duo on tour throughout Europe and America for two years.

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