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It's 15 short films in black and white, inspired by the universe of 15 Tom Waits songs, an encounter between music and cinema. Tom Waits' songs and texts, performed live by Brigitte Saint-Aubin, Eric Goulet and Michel Roy, accompany the projection of the short films. 


Fifteen moments of life that take place in a tired roadside motel where we meet a gallery of colorful characters. It is the place of solitude, transit, party, the place of lost loves and death too. This minimalist film emanates a strong and singular atmosphere, enhanced by the "live" performances that give this show a unique character.


Brigitte Saint-Aubin's script and Eric Jean and Daniel Robillard's direction are inspired by Jim Jarmush's films for his eccentric characters, his love of motels, the slowness of certain scenes, almost static, by Wim Wenders for the poetry, the carnival aspect, and by the dogma of 95 for its shooting rules, the use of locations, props and for its improvised character. The personal, airy arrangements leave room for the words and voices of the performers and revisit the songs chosen from the vast repertoire of this major American singer-songwriter. Electric and acoustic guitars, bass, violin, marimba, glockenspiel, keyboard, organ, theremin, percussion and drums are used to enhance the emotion of the songs in relation to the images.  



Gina Brault

Maude St-Amand

Thomas Picotte-Lavoie

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