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Maude St-Amand

Thomas Picotte-Lavoie


Born and raised in Quebec City of a Mexican mother and a Quebecois father, Gabriella Olivo honors her Mexican roots with songs in Spanish, rooted in a gentle indie-pop universe. Introspective and dreamy, her songs and her gentle voice transport us into her world of love, passion and disappointment. 

Her debut EP, Sola, released in October 2022 and co-produced with Valence (Vincent Dufour), plunges us into her world of ephemeral encounters, impossible loves, disappointments, sorrows, joys and personal triumphs. Nestled in a dreamy, even bewitching sound, her lyrics remain true, simple, catchy and universal. With a deft blend of French and Spanish, the textures and styles vary from song to song. Sometimes pop, sometimes indie-folk, she even flirts with hip-hop and inspires herself from artists such as Biig Piig, Daniela Andrade, Kali Uchis, Cuco, Billie Eilish and Men I Trust. 

When she treads the stage, a spellbinding energy captures the audience, transporting us into her world of tenderness and melancholy. Whether performing as a duo or in a full band (drums, guitars, bass and synthesizers), Gabriella gives us access to her intimate, authentic universe, and seduces us with her warm energy and sensitivity, bringing her close to her audience.

She is currently working on the follow-up to this first mini-album, which will be released in 2024.

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