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Joe Grass has been writing his own music for almost 20 years, but since moving from Moncton to Montreal he’s become one of this city’s most sought-after musical partners, collaborating with Lhasa, Patrick Watson, Elisapie and the Barr Brothers—as well as working with his avant-pop band, Klaus. Those partnerships have taught him how to unmake a tune—picking up someone else’s idea and finding new ways to fill it in.

With his new album Falcon's Heart, he drew his inspiration from classic country songwriting. He’d spend mornings at the rehearsal space with his father’s old guitar in his hands.

The result is vivid and opalescent—Grass’s keen and heartfelt lyrics lit up by leftfield arrangements and shimmering sound. It’s at once completely simple and utterly lush.



Gina Brault

Maude St-Amand

Saraë Nault-Beausoleil

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