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Héritières is a vocal and orchestral show that brings together 19 performers and musicians on stage to explore the theme of women's collective heritage across generations. In an era where many feminist movements are gaining momentum, the Héritières unite their solitudes to take a closer look at the ancestral memories that lie behind the burden passed down from mother to daughter. Driven by a common vital impulse, in the utopian hope of breaking the chain of intergenerational transmission of trauma, they will set out to discover the wounds and roles inherited, and attempt to give voice to the vestiges of history. Together, they will forge new paths, drawing on the sisterhood they have formed, anchored in the strength bequeathed to them by their ancestors. The spectator will be plunged into the heart of the process of accepting memories, supported by pieces that highlight the power of feminine vulnerability. Les Héritières carry the voices of their mothers in a grand musical gathering that celebrates women of all times.


Gina Brault


Maude St-Amand

Saraë Nault-Beausoleil

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